We strongly believe that “Food is the most natural medicines.“ Natural Taiwan selects the best healthy food brands all over Taiwan, and offers overseas friends these high-quality brands through the unique platform for food suppliers. At the same time, we strictly select the ingredients of the products. The fresh crops even were delivered from the origin directly, and then manufactured with advanced technology. The custom and tradition of Taiwan would be completely sealed in the delicious food!
Eating the right food makes health and happiness be achieved!

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Red Wolfberry

Gogi – Go, get it. Pure and Healthy Wolfberry! Gogi is also known as Chinese wolfberries. It’s one of the superfoods loved in the West countries. Gogi contains Lycium barbarum polysaccharide, amino acids and low calories. And it doesn’t have any residues of preservatives, artificial colorings and pesticides. Using Gogi to cook or brew makes […]


Flaxseed and Chinese Mahogany Cracker

These crackers are specially made from wheat germ, soy lecithin, beer yeast, flaxseed and Chinese mahogany sauce and used the non-hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm oil). There is no chemical starch, trans fat, artificial colorings, spices and preservatives added. Simple baking technique creates these natural health cereal crackers to have firm and crisp texture.


Multi-grain Powder

The product is made from fresh ingredients and baked at low-temperature, and then used the freeze-drying technique to convert the ingredients into the powders. Thus, more nutrients could be reserved than the traditional production. And, It has lower calorie.


Mei-Li Pentose

1. Not Easily Digestible: It can not be easily decompose by human digestive enzymes so it will not cause too much burden. 2. Low Glycemic Level: Because insulin metabolism is not required, It will not raise blood sugar rapidly. 3. Non-Fermented: It can not be fermented and used by oral bacteria, so it does not […]



Fucoidan includes fucose and sulfate groups. This product is made by 8~20 kDa molecular weight of fucoidan and highly pure Xylooligosaccharides. It can maintain energy and health. Vegetarian can enjoy.


Herbal Wholegrain Biscuit

1. The world’s first fully herbal prescribed extract was added into the  biscuits 2. Made In Taiwan (MIT) healthy herbal biscuit 3. 100% natural ingredients 4. Whole grain production, high in dietary fiber 5. Lacto-ovo-vegetarian can enjoy 6. A great new choice for a healthier afternoon tea


Green Plum Extract

Green plum extract was extracted from medium ripeness of green plums and refined for a long time. Each kilogram of green plums just can obtain 20 grams of extract which contains many types of organic acids. The extract would reduce sodium content through the process so it is delicious and without the burden.


Organic Mulberry Juice

The main ingredient of this drink is the most premium Black Diamond mulberry from the organic orchard. Due to its low availability, high in quality, and unique sweet taste, it is very precious. We can guarantee that this drink without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, artificial flavors, colorings and preservatives. Therefore, this organic mulberry juice is described […]


Dried Mango (Ai-Wen)

Dried Mango (Ai-Wen) is made from high quality Ai-Wen mangoes that the level could be exported to Japan. Due to its premium quality, we select harvested fruit on season. The product is qualified with pesticide residues level and isn’t added five categories of additives.


Dried Tomato

Dried tomato contains lycopene that has antioxidant effect. With firm texture and moist fibers, it makes you feel fuller and promotes your metabolism.

Originated from Taiwan! We are proud of having an abundance of agricultural resource in our country. There are the warm and hospitable farmers! They work hard at cultivating and provide us the high quality crops and herbs. With the sophisticated technology, these ingredients would create flavorful, safe and healthy foods. Also, We set out the mission “promoting the health of all mankind with food.”