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The main ingredient of this drink is the most premium Black Diamond mulberry from the organic orchard. Due to its low availability, high in quality, and unique sweet taste, it is very precious. We can guarantee that this drink without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, artificial flavors, colorings and preservatives. Therefore, this organic mulberry juice is described as the best choice for people who wants to live healthy.
Black Diamond Mulberry is cultivated after years of research and development. Its taste, fragrance and sweetness was better then the regular mulberry which contains a bit of  astringent taste and sourness. The production of Black Diamond mulberry is only one-third of regular mulberries; therefore, it’s more unique and precious.


100% mulberries
Shake it before you taste it.
To dilute the drink about 2-5 times of the concentration.
You can enjoy this drink either hot or cold.

Eco-Garden Organic Product Certification