Brand Introduction

Sounds Good Throat Lozenge Official Website

You must have this treat for Karaoke! Great singing voice secret – Sounds Good Throat Lozenge.

Quality can be guaranteed because this is produced by Tian-I Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. with 30 years’ experience.

Gelatin and other animal-type additives are not added.

Vegetarian can enjoy.

Adding honey makes the taste more smoothly. It is very natural.

With zipper storage bag designing, it’s easy to carry and to preserve.

Containing Chenpi(dried tangerine peel, Lohanguo siraitia fruit, Pan Da Hai and other cool-easing herbal ingredients.


Tangerine peel, Pickled plum, Honey, Licorice, Corn starch, Mint flavor powder, Platycodon, Pang Da Hai, Menthol, Lily, Lo Han Kuo (Momordicae Fructus).

This product has be tested by SGS for residues of heavy metal, and there were no detectable residues.
The manufacturers of companies have acquired ISO 90001 certification.
The manufacturers of companies are GMP certified.

Has insured 50 million product liability insurance (Taiwan).