Brand Introduction

Herbal Wholegrain Biscuit (Wolfberry, Chrysanthemum) Official Website

1. The world’s first fully herbal prescribed extract was added into the  biscuits
2. Made In Taiwan (MIT) healthy herbal biscuit
3. 100% natural ingredients
4. Whole grain production, high in dietary fiber
5. Lacto-ovo-vegetarian can enjoy
6. A great new choice for a healthier afternoon tea


Herbal extract (Wolfberry, Chrysanthemum, Cassia, Processed rehmannia, Mulberry, Privet fruit), Whole wheat flour, Rye, Mixed grain flour (Barley flour, Vegetables, Malt flour, Wheat bran, Enzyme, Wheat flour, White cereal, Black cereal, Sunflower seed, linseed), Brown sugar, Anhydrous butter, Organic coconut oil, Buckwheat, Oats, Almond, Soluble fiber, Natural sea salt.

This product has be tested by SGS for residues of heavy metals, plasticizers and pesticides. There were no detectable residues.
The manufacturers of companies have acquired ISO 90001 certification.
The manufacturers of companies are GMP certified.

Has insured 50 million product liability insurance (Taiwan).