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Stachyose is a natural tetrasaccharide refined from natural plants extracts. Its appearance is a white powder. Stachyose is slightly sweet and is less sweet than sucrose about 22% sweetness level. It has a refreshing taste and without undesirable flavors. Also, It has a safety feature that other chemical compounds and GMO product do not have. Academic research and experiments show that: Stachyose can break down into mannose trisaccharide and melibiose which are the beneficial factors for the body health. And, mannose also can obtain from breaking down stachyose. Over 50% of all the health foods approved by Japanese Ministry of Health are related with soybean oligosaccharides which is a class of oligosaccharides with the main composition – stachyose.


3 grams per pack * 30 packs

Suitable For: People having gastrointestinal related problems, patients with an imbalance in intestinal bacteria, patients suffering constipation, people controlling glycemic levels, people who often take antibiotics, elderly, non-breastfed infants, people who has obesity, etc.