Brand Introduction

Organic Black Fungus Drink Official Website

We select the Taiwan’s Fresh organic black fungus which were planted on the organic-greenhouse-verified shiitake mushroom grow bag and add prune extract, organic brown sugar, and jujube extract to product this drink. We didn’t add preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners agents in the manufacturing process.

Pure vegetable raw materials are deployed and researched by the food professional technologists and nutritionists to produce this product rich in polysaccharides, calcium, iron, and natural colloid.

It has delicate smooth taste unhesitatingly. Drinking everyday can promote your gastrointestinal motility and increase satisfaction.

In particular, using glass bottles to package make it be convenient to heat or keep in cold storage. You can enjoy in Hot or cold drink.


Water, Organic black fungus, Organic brown sugar, Organic sucrose、Jujube extract、Prune extract.