Brand Introduction

Mixed Nuts and Peas Official Website

We are the 30-year-old brand from memory of everyone’s childhood. We select premium large peas for production. After raw ingredients go through strict inspections, the peas would be coated with a layer of wheat flour and seasoned with an appropriate amount of sugar and salt. We Insiste on producing the products without adding preservatives and colorings. The peas will have a nature beige color. All adults and kids will love it.

We carefully selected high quality of the nuts, almond, cashew, wolfberry, pumpkin seeds, non-GMO soybeans, black beans, and raisins…etc. The ingredients would be baked at a low temperature instead of high temperature frying so nutrition would be not losing. Then, the mixed nuts would be packed into triangular-shape small packages so that they’re easy to carry and enjoy.


1. ISO22000 international food-grade certification 
2. Tsi-Xin organic certification 
3. Halal certification