Brand Introduction

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  • Gogi – Go, get it. Pure and Healthy Wolfberry!
  • Gogi is also known as Chinese wolfberries. It’s one of the superfoods loved in the West countries.
  • Gogi contains Lycium barbarum polysaccharide, amino acids and low calories. And it doesn’t have any residues of preservatives, artificial colorings and pesticides. Using Gogi to cook or brew makes you tonic and healthy.
  • Magifra brings you the most healthy food and the most pleasure taste. We will be your guardians of health.




Red wolfberry.
150g/per bag
12 months
To sustain its quality, please keep it from direct sunlight and store it in cool and dry place. 
Store in refrigerator after opening and finish it as soon as possible.
To rinse the wolfberries before eating. You can soak dried goji berries in hot water for a few minutes or cook with other ingredients. You also can eat the Chinese wolfberry in its raw form.

This product has be tested 426 tests by SGS. There is no detectable residues of pesticides, SO2, preservatives and other artificial chemical additives.

 Has insured 50 million product liability insurance.

Because the wolfberries were washed by baking soda, this is normal to have residual white powder.
Please don't be alarmed and feel ease to enjoy it.