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Vision & Core Values
Founded in 1994, Agri-Dragon Biotech has been committed to innovating farming technology and consolidating the industry life-cycle from R&D, production, raw material supply to sales and marketing.

Our state-of-the-art technology, AgriGaia Biomimicry Farming System, is a whole new environmental control production system. It nurtures and supports all life in the farm through specially designed devices without any use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers so that we can ensure the high quality of agricultural raw materials which could be used to manufacture biotechnology products and daily commodities.

We develop advanced food processing technology with partners to extend the life of agricultural products, adjust the supply and demand, and promote their added value. We also provide excellent raw materials for daily commodities and biotechnology products.

• Processed Foods: Micro Whole Food Nutrition, Spirits, Wine, Rice Milk, Noodles, Baby Food, etc.

• Material for Daily Commodities: Shampoo, Body Wash, Facial Cleanser, Skin Care Products, Cosmetics, etc.

• Material for Biotechnology products: Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Emulating tropical rainforests and human body systems, our system breaks through the bottleneck of underground irrigation. It is a no-till farming, and is successful in overcoming continuous cropping obstacles. We deliver high quality water and nutrients to the soil to enhance the life force of plants and increase their beneficial ingredients. It also contributes to water conservation, energy saving, carbon sequestration and is easy to manage.

Most importantly, without applying chemical fertilizers or pesticides, the system helps to restore soil health and achieves high quality and stable quantity of the crops.

It is applicable in greenhouse or open field under various climate scenarios, and can promote vitality even in the barren desert and saline-alkaline soil.
In 2012, Agri-Dragon stationed in the Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP). We experiment on growing Chinese and Western herbs in our specially designed greenhouse and study how these herbs can be applied and mass-produced. Many experts from industry, government, and academia have visited our farm and highly praised our technology.

For the moment, we have a direct-management store situated at headquarters in Taipei, an advanced demonstration farm and a fermentation factory in Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park, and a direct-management store in Taichung.

“Nong” (穠) symbolizes harmony and luxuriance.
AgriGaia Farming System focuses mainly on co-existing harmoniously with the Nature. Instead of using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and depriving soil of organic matters, reviving soil fertility is always our concern.

“Yan” (研) means research and innovation. We make good use of technology without going against the Nature. The integration of agriculture, technology and medical concept targets at the realization of self-healing.

“Xin” (薪) means inheritance. We are delighted to share our successful experiences in agriculture so mankind and Nature can be healthy again by enjoying the abundance of foods of highest quality rewarded by the mother earth.

“Yi” (藝) refers that AgriGaia Farming System is an art, portraying the harmony between human beings and Nature. Moreover, taking AgriGaia fruits and vegetables is a work of art full of vibrancy and joy.
Quality Policy & Competitive Advantage
“If we could change the agricultural system containing mass agrochemicals, we could have healthy crops, and so we have healthy diet sources every day. Healthy foods might prevent many illnesses such as cancer. ” ~ Yang Hao, Founder of Agri-Dragon BioTech

Farming methods with pesticides and chemical fertilizers are detrimental to the environment. These chemicals destroy helpful soil organisms and damage plant’s natural ability to fight pests and diseases. Facing the deteriorating ecosystem, people are in great need of new farming techniques which can be sustainable and have beneficial effect to people’s health.

Only by reforming agricultural technology can we hold the key to health. In the pursuit of environmental sustainability and the harmony between human beings and the environment, we have been focusing on research and innovation of technology in agriculture for more than 20 years. Our goal is to break through the concepts and techniques applied in the conventional agriculture and to provide better solutions to agriculture in this new era.
Production Process & Service

 天癒農法系統整場輸出

 高經濟中西草藥生產

 農產原料供應/加值加工

 輔醫補養諮詢服務

 生技發酵飲品 & 醲系列酒品
(1) 生技發酵飲品:以天癒仿生農法栽培、充滿生物氣能及生命力的數十種當季蔬果與中草藥,經由負極磁場與益生菌長時間發酵,形成充滿營養與能量的「天癒五生‧元液」。不添加安定劑、長時間的發酵處理,可將充滿生命力的蔬果,以體外消化之方式,分解至較易被人體消化吸收之型態,成為最佳補養品。
(2) 醲系列酒品:代表作品為和氣元酒及時氣純韻。「和氣元酒」的原料是天癒仿生農法所栽培之丹參,植株健康、充滿旺盛生命力。鮮採後,輔以共發酵共蒸餾技術進行淬釀,此極緻技術保存了丹參特有之香氣、風味與色澤。「時氣純韻」則以天癒農法栽培之糙米淬釀而成,甘美香醇,風味獨具。

 學術研究計畫合作

 社會企業發展平台

 健康餐點規劃製作

 天癒蔬果出口批發零售