Global Asian
Corporate Philosophy
Honesty, Conscience, Happiness and Health are our creeds.
The spirit of “Take from society and Contribute to the society” makes us to serve the society and the business would have sustainable development.We provide the high quality products and good services to make people health and get the right information; and besides, to let evetyone gain a happy and healthy life is our mission.

Global Asian Biotechnology Co., Ltd 
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Vision & Core Values
For years of researching and hard working, our scientific research team mastered the evolution process of wide Cordyceps sinensis. Also, we had the patented technology to produce the Hirsutella Sinensis. We plan to research and develop a series of products beneficial to health

There are the short, midium, long terms for promoting and marketing the Hirsutella Sinensis.
Short term:using the core technology of Hirsutella Sinensis to have own brand!Midium term: using the core technology of Hirsutella Sinensis to innovate and improve people health
Long term: using the core value of Hirsutella Sinensis to make people health!
Quality Policy & Competitive Advantage
Our Hirsutella Sinensis mycelium produced from solid state fermentation is high purity and the DNA sequence identity > 99% with wide Hirsutella Sinensis. Also, it doesn’t detect 188 Chemicals for clinical use, 4 Aflatoxin, 6 Heavy metals and 252 pesticide residues.
Production Process & Service
ISO22000 international food-grade certification
HACCP certification
Professional consultant team