Nature food, diet therapy, non-toxic food, Eco-friendly! We believe that natural and delicious food can bring health to everyone. Thus, we only produce natural, non-toxic, high-quality and delicious food. By continuing to promote the concept of healthy eating and to enforce the eco-friendly lifestyle and attitude. Let everyone enjoy the real "LOHAS!"
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Vision & Core Values
"Be the healthy advisor of customers." We deliver the idea of vitality diet, non-toxic food, food therapy, and environmental protection to our customer.

Vision: "Be the biggest natural food supplier in Asian ethnic Chinese society."

Core Value: "Love to stay healthy! Love to share!”
Quality Policy & Competitive Advantage
Quality Policy:
1. Carefully selected high-quality ingredients from Taiwan and overseas.
2. Consistently research and develop natural and delicious food which is good for health.
3. Insisted on producing the products with low-temperature method, less fat, less salt, no preservatives, no artificial flavors and pigment.

Competitive Advantage:
1. Owning an organic farm, organic tea farm, organic vinegar brewing line, organic soy sauce brewing factory, and organic food processing factory.
2. The factory has acquired HACCP and ISO22000 certification.
3. Over 25 products have acquired the Halal food certification.
4. Professional marketing team.