With a natural spirit, loving people and grateful heart, Fruit Garden uses natural, healthy, and scientific methods to select a variety of high-quality "natural fruit. “ We use cryogenic process engineering methods so as to retain the natural taste and nutritional ingredients.
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Vision & Core Values
Along with the change in times and environment, we began to learn how to love our environment. This has become the consensus of people and the social responsibility of every business. Therefore, we continue to educate farmers to adopt organic farming. This is the way to respect life and to love our land.
Quality Policy & Competitive Advantage
“Natural organic production.” “Selecting non-toxic fruit.” “No additives.” “No preservatives.” “No artificial coloring.” “No added spices.” “No saccharin.” “No added bleach.”
Production Process & Service
Carefully selecting Taiwanese fruit → peeling and slicing → low-temperature baking → sampling and quality check → packaging into finished products