Tian-I continues to promote the concept of herbal medicine as a part of everyday life. We believe that starting with our daily life is the best way to take care of the body. The Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor mentioned that “The Best Doctor is the one who Prevents Sickness.” This means people should avoid illness by focusing on everyday life. It is actually the concept of modern preventive medicine.

To let consumers stop worrying about themselves and their family members‘ health conditions, Tian-I Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. with thirty years of Chinese medicine expertise has created “Tian-I Herbal, Tenergy.” Tenergy uses the basis of Chinese medicine to innovate and develop the Broadwood diet as preferred life of consumers.
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Vision & Core Values
Based on family love : On the production side, we base on the mindest of family love that parents take care about their children. From raw materials to products, we only use the Kampo ingredients without adding any chemicals. The products are also made by the most professional extraction technology and the strict process.

Making Chinese medicine be a part of everyday life: By creating a community platform, promoting the preventive medicine concept of The Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor, we are focusing on chi balancing and health conditioning products as the core product development, so that consumers will have easy access to healthy food and drinks.

Good for You and Me: In the spirit of altruism, we promote cooperation between enterprises, make consumers be more healthy from the product side and implementating of corporate social responsibility. We also participate in local villages, cooperat friendly with farmers, take care about the disadvantaged, and provide free medical services. These are the goals and beliefs of Tian-I.
Quality Policy & Competitive Advantage
Based on family love, and good deeds mindset, we implement Three Heart Quality Policy. "Heart-Felt Customer Services.“ "Focused Production.“ "Creating Safe Feeling for Customers.“ Tian-I Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has thirty years of history with GMP certification and ISO 90001 certification. We can provide expertise and technical support in the field of Chinese herbal medicine. Also, we participated in various R&D projects of the government to make us continue to develop better products.
Production Process & Service
From raw materials to products, the processes are consistent. We uphold the most strict concept of herbal medicine mindset by using the natural ingredients of Kampo without chemical substances and implementing quality control. You can contact us with the telephone number + 886-6-6985978 # 118 or join the Tian-I Herbal LINE ID "@tenergy."