Yansen Shop
Yansen Shop, founded in Xiluo, Yunlin by the Lin family, focuses on producing, accumulating “Research and Design” experiences, and harvesting hard-earned produce. We consistent with family trait of honesty and invest a lot of love into planting mulberry and plum. These make consumers not only creat a healthier diet, but also allow their bodies to fill with love.
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Vision & Core Values
We uphold the highest quality without any pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other chemical additives. To make the customers enjoy safely and happily, we continue to research and improve the products. “Producing with heart, having perserverance and appreciated mind, make consumers have peace of feeling about the products. Love the earth, the nature, our planet and make contributions to give future generations a clean environment.
Quality Policy & Competitive Advantage
We use the most premium quality- Black Diamond mulberry(from the organic orchard)as the main ingredient. Due to its low availability, high in quality, and unique sweet taste, it is very precious. We guarante that the products without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other chemical additives(artificial flavors, colorings or preservative); therefore, it is the best choice for people who want to be healthy.