Healthy snacks experts - Bean Group, established in 1972, have focused on researching, developing and producing natural and healthy snack foods for decades. In the future, we will keep working toward to the requirements of "Taiwan's Highest Quality", and being strict and responsible for all product production. We will pursue a sustainable development and contribute to the community. Bean Group, based in Taiwan, will be marketing to the whole world and becoming another “The Pride of Taiwan".
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Vision & Core Values
With the natural spirit, loving people, and grateful heart, Fruit Garden uses natural, healthy, and scientific methods, selects a variety of high-quality "natural fruit“, and retains the natural taste and nutrition of the ingredients with cryogenic processing methods. 
Natural - carefully selected fresh ingredients, low temperature production methods to preserve the natural flavor. 
Healthy - without adding five categories of additives, to supply consumers with healthier snacks choices. 
Technology - using high-tech method, automated process, so that products have high quality, consistent, fresh and delicious.
Quality Policy & Competitive Advantage
1. ISO22000 international food-grade certification 
2. Tsi-Xin organic certification 
3. Halal certification