We strongly believe that “Food is the most natural medicines.“ Natural Taiwan uphold the core values about “friendly, safety, non-additive, minimally processing“. We select the best healthy food brands all over Taiwan, and offer overseas friends these high-quality brands and values through the unique platform for food suppliers. At the same time, we strictly select the ingredients of the products. The fresh crops even were delivered from the origin directly, and then manufactured with advanced technology. The custom and tradition of Taiwan would be completely sealed in the delicious food!
Eating the right food makes health and happiness be achieved!

Originated from Taiwan! We are proud of having an abundance of agricultural resource in our country.
There are the warm and hospitable farmers! They work hard at cultivating and provide us the high quality crops and herbs. With the sophisticated technology, these ingredients would create flavorful, safe and healthy foods. Also, We set out the mission “promoting the health of all mankind with food.”

Chinese tonic culture had been spread for thousands years. As a proverb goes “You are what you eat!“ This means that food we eat would have impact on our body. Living longer, living healthier and delay aging are our dream, so our responsibility is to choose the high-quality natural foods without preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavorings, saccharin and by minimally processed process.