We strongly believe that “Food is the most natural medicines.“Natural Taiwan adheres to the core value of “friendly, safety, non-additive, minimally processing”. We select the best healthy food brands to build the platform of high-quality food suppliers, and spread the unique advantages and value of enterprises to the foreign distributors and agents. At the same time, we strictly select the ingredients of the products. The fresh crops even were delivered from the origin directly, and then manufactured with advanced technology. The custom and tradition of Taiwan would be completely sealed in the delicious food!
Eating the right food makes health and happiness be achieved!

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Hirsutella Sinensis〈capsule〉

High purity Cordyceps mycelium, no addition, patented strains (Taiwan) (vegetarian)


Brown Rice Vinegar

Simple, natural, healthy! You can dilute brown rice vinegar with water before drinking. It tastes smooth. The vinegar can also be used as the base of fruit vinegar or herb vinegar. It can decompose and convert the nutrients into small molecules and make nutrient absorption more easily.      


Organic Black Fungus Drink

We select the Taiwan’s Fresh organic black fungus which were planted on the organic-greenhouse-verified shiitake mushroom grow bag and add prune extract, organic brown sugar, and jujube extract to product this drink. We didn’t add preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners agents in the manufacturing process. Pure vegetable raw materials are deployed and researched by the […]

Originated from Taiwan! We are proud of having an abundance of agricultural resource in our country. There are the warm and hospitable farmers! They work hard at cultivating and provide us the high quality crops and herbs. With the sophisticated technology, these ingredients would create flavorful, safe and healthy foods. Also, We set out the mission “promoting the health of all mankind with food.”